Feedback Policy

FEEDBACKWe are committed to providing students, family members and guests of POW Martial Arts Australia with an opportunity to put forward suggestions, ideas and positive feedback, as well as a conduit and process for having issues, problems and complaints raised, assessed and adjudicated. This policy provides a process to follow for dispute resolution and complaints handling, to ensure that issues are communicated effectively, and handled with discretion, fairness and given proper consideration. Head Instructors will endeavour to work with you to achieve a mutually satisfactory solution to issues raised where possible, within the guidelines of our Mission, Vision and Values Statements.

Feedback Process

  • Matters relating to immediate threats to student safety must be brought to the Instructor’s attention immediately. Otherwise approach the Instructor in charge of the student’s class BEFORE OR AFTER CLASS to arrange to have a confidential discussion. The Instructor will indicate a time appropriate for the discussion.
  • If your Branch Instructor is unable to assist with your enquiry to your satisfaction, you can then escalate your matter to a Head Instructor via phone, email or via mutual arrangement of an outside of class time meeting.
  • Where a decision is required, the Head Instructor will conduct any necessary investigations, and make a determination based on the information available, in line with our Mission, Vision, and Values Statements, as well as any other applicable policies. This may or may not be in consultation with fellow Head Instructors, and Master Instructor.
  • The Head Instructor will communicate the determination to you. The determination of Head Instructors is final, and it is expected that you will abide by this decision. Failure to do so may be dealt with in accordance with the Code of Conduct.


  • Notify an Instructor immediately if a safety issue.
  • Give Instructors an opportunity to address an issue. We cannot action issues we are not aware of.
  • Plan what you are going to say. Writing it down is a good way to ensure all of your issues are communicated.
  • Communicate the issue to the Instructor calmly, with courtesy and respect.
  • Respect the final decision, even if you do not agree with it.


  • Attempt to discuss an issue during class time, unless it is a safety issue.
  • Bypass your Branch Instructor – always see them first, not the assistant.
  • Physically or verbally attack, insult, challenge the authority, disrespect, be rude to or otherwise be aggressive to an Instructor, student, parent or guest.
  • Confront students, assistants or spectators directly.
  • Argue, challenge or take a decision personally if it is not favourable.
  • Air your grievances publicly or to other parties (E.g. students, parents and guests)