Children’s Program



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What do we want our children to learn?

Self Confidence - Self Control - Self Respect.... absolutely but we want to offer much more;

Life Skills -

  • Learns body postures, eye contact, and other movements typical of a confident student.
  • The teacher engages in play with the children, thus making them feel valuable.
  • Martial art practice is fun, thus encourages adult communication.
  • Martial art principles will carry over into areas of academic study, including the classroom.
  • Martial arts teachings include constant praise for abilities, thus building confidence.
  • Teachers help students lose “labels”.
  • Students gain confidence through self-learning and thus can be more confident in times of pressure.
  • By giving child responsibilities they become more confident. DSC05283 - CopyThis is done in group teachings as higher belts teach lower belts.
  • Building assertiveness, a key ingredient in self-confidence.
  • The teaching is rewarded throughout the process, rather than an end result such as graduation.
  • Overcome negative self-talk.
  • Learn to accept mistakes as a part of learning.
  • Students learn limits and boundaries, because strict rules in the practice room are understood by the students for their own safety.
  • Students observe openly how other students learn
  • Students learn to repel bullies; thus they feel safer in the classroom, and their basic needs are met.